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Are you responsible for managing a workforce or an entire Company?

To have a healthy business that produces a healthy bottom line, you’re going to need a healthy workforce.  Corporate Wellness brings health to the workplace through a range of products designed to identify problem areas, apply the correct action, and monitor the results.

The Paradigm Solution:

The services of Paradigm Health are focused on bringing the most recent and best business practice in Corporate Wellness management and training to our client’s environment in a way that utilises current structure and staffing in order to crystallise the solution that will best deliver against the client and organisational goals effectively with least required disruption.

Paradigm Health focuses on several areas:

bullet Corporate Wellness

bullet Consulting Employers – how to get the most from your Medical Aid Benefits

bullet Consulting Medical Schemes

Corporate wellness will help you get the most out of your most important assets – your employees.

Recent statistics, which are the result of a Corporate Absenteeism Management Solution survey of 60 South African companies with more than 7000 employees over the course of one year, reveal that sick absenteeism cost South Africa about 19 billion per year.  To combat this, employers should show a genuine interest in the health of their employees and encourage them to take ownership of their own health, with an increase in awareness and lifestyle change with a strong focus on stress management. 

Executives are concerned about their health and the overall wellness of mind, spirit and body, and awareness and health testing, whether blood pressure test or HIV/AIDS, is important to empower you with the necessary information to take appropriate preventative action. 

PARADIGM HEALTH is Department of Labour approved / HWSETA Accreditation.

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